joe mac giving music lessons

Lessons Online:

Music Lessons are now available live online for half-hour or one hour, ‘one on one’ private instruction.

Learn to play the Guitar, electric or acoustic, Piano/Keyboard, Bass or Drum Set with Joe Mac, an experienced teacher and performer.

Learn to sing freely, with confidence!

Ace Guitar and Vocal Music Studio 

633 39Th Av NE | St. Petersburg, Fl. 33703 | 727-218-0485

Got Guitar…need Lessons?

Want to Rock Out?  

The Studio is set up for live one-on-one lessons.

Using FaceTime, Skype, Messenger or Zoom, we

can see and hear each other’s voice and or instrument.

Payment with a bank or credit card is easy, done securely

through Square, a trusted service that I have used for years.

Choose from lessons in several styles:

  • Acoustic Guitar:
  • Finger-Style,
  • Classical Guitar,
  • Electric Guitar:
  • Blues,
  • Rock,
  • Pop,
  • Jazz,
  • Country.

Study in the Arts…

helps to develop desirable character traits, such as discipline, perseverance, resourcefulness, teamwork, appreciation for beauty, patience, self-control, problem solving, and empathy.

Live, go to school, or work in North East St. Pete?

Music Lessons are right in your neighborhood!

Great Singing, Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drum lessons at Ace Guitar and Vocal Music Studio, are only a few minutes away.

Join the RockShop® Band School Program. 

Move up to the next level and work with other students to produce a live show in a local venue, right here in downtown St. Petersburg!

Ace Guitar and Vocal Music Studio | 633 39Th Av NE | St. Petersburg, Fl. 33703 | 727-218-0485