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Singing Frees The Soul…

Singing Lessons:

girl playing guitar and singing on stage.

Singing is fun! To develop your voice, and your ability to hear musically, you’ll learn ear training and vocal exercises that are proven methods of developing a good musical ear and a strong vocal presence. You can learn to sing in harmony with others live, or with yourself on a recording. If you’re a performer, you want to be called back to play again, right? I have personally played many solo gigs over the years, and will provide insights as to how to operate, and comport yourself in a professional manner.  Connect with me.

You’ll learn how to sing vowel-sounds correctly, paying particular attention to the way the jaw is held, as this is the release point for tension in the voice. A loosely held jaw allows the sound of the voice to naturally float into the areas of the head that add resonance, tone, and presence.